The Many Forms of Wellgorithms

3 min readDec 2, 2021


One of the most common misunderstandings about Wellgorithms, for new visitors, is that they are single quotes, and that the (inner)Verse is a text app.

In fact, just the opposite. Wellgorithms are medium agnostic. This means, you can do them while reading, listening, zooming, or in virtual reality.

Here are the four different prototypes:

clockwise: virtual reality, voice activated assistant, Zoom, reading

Here’s the format you may be most familiar with:

This is a 7 step Wellgorithm by Howard Thurman, called (alive)Nest, and here you are on step 4. This is a new way to read and condition your mind. Bite sized chunks, ordered in a specific, often personalized sequence, to help you elevate your mood, get focused, get inspired, etc. You have lots of tools at your fingertips, which we can dive into with a later tutorial.

Now this is what you’re probably waiting for — doing Wellgorithms together on video calls. That’s the WELLPOWER piece we’ve been developing for the past few years.

You might be cooking, driving, or just relaxing. You might learn more effectively with audio. Linking Wellgorithms to voice activated assistants is next.

As virtual reality, augmented reality and the metaverse sweep the planet, we’ll be able to take personal growth to levels never before imagined.

Here’s the good news. As we work together, if we want to make videos or TikToks, we can adapt these templates. It’s not hard to put our videos inside of these frames, to give people a taste of our vision.

Note: Very often to save time I’ll include details to fill in the space, in areas not yet developed, or that will take time to cleanup or explain. This for example:

It’s very exciting actually, but the keywords all need to be replaced, and the functionality needs to be explained. Imagine as you step through the Wellgorithms you have at your fingertips a set of tools to measure your response, identify strengths and weaknesses, ask for help in an area, etc.

Think of this area as a set of power tools for your mind that we are just now developing.




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